Divine Mercy

Are you worried about the moral decay of our culture? Let's turn to St. Faustina.
Father Starzynski prays the Chaplet with at least one dying person every day. What led him to begin doing this?
Jesus mentions one piece of knowledge that ought to confirm our trust in His good intentions for us forever: He died for us.
Why does the Lord value our obedience so much higher than our mortifications and sacrifices?

With distinguished guests and journalists from around the world on hand, the Vatican played host to the premiere of the feature-length film "Love and Mercy," a docudrama on St. Faustina and her Divine Mercy revelations.

Why did the Blessed Virgin Mary suffer more than anyone else? Find out in this article.

Just after leaving the hospital with her newborn, Louise Fecteau had to turn around, walk back in, and identify the body of her eldest child. But God had graces in store.

A new feature-length docudrama about Divine Mercy called "Love & Mercy" is planned for a worldwide release this Divine Mercy Sunday, April 28. We sat down with the director and producer Michael Kondrat, to learn more about this special project.
The Divine Mercy Image makes a grand appearance at the annual March for Life.
Father Gabriel Cillo, MIC, shares how God's mercy surrounds us, and is within us, in many awesome ways.