Divine Mercy

No matter how many distortions the Father of Lies tries to feed us, our final conversation will be with Truth and Love.
It's certainly been a year of hardship for many. But 2009 has also been a year of mercy. We can prove it!
One reader asks: "What about occultists (especially Satanists) who blatantly proclaim hatred of God and worship Satan Himself?"
She used to shun the season out of fear of His judgment. He used to reject anyone's attempt to speak with certainly about the "All in all." Read what happened next.
The following is the homily delivered by Fr. S. Seraphim Michalenko, MIC, during the Holy Mass that closed the first North American Congress on Mercy on Nov. 15.
"Jesus Himself calls us to deeds of mercy, by words and by prayers," Cardinal Schönborn writes in a letter to mercy congress planners and participants.
The centerpieces to congress include the importance of trust, works of mercy, and the message of The Divine Mercy for our times.
While it was a difficult time, I look back and realize that it was one of the best things that happened to me.
Our world is "the slop," says Mercy Congress speaker Dr. John Bruchalski. "When you're in the slop," he says, "you need hope." And that's where mercy comes in.
"Mercy: Our Hope" is not only the theme for the upcoming Mercy Congress, but also the guiding truth for the modern mercy movement.