Divine Mercy

A woman named Angela recently wrote to me asking a question I have received several times before, but always hesitated to try to answer.
How are we to understand the Trinity? Maybe we need a little 3-in-One oil.
Why is our Lord attempting to focus the Church's attention upon the truths of His holy priesthood?
How do I know for sure what Jesus is calling me to do?
There cannot be a more innocent and helpless form of human life then an unborn child in the first home of the human race: a mother's womb.
There are no "throw-away" human beings. People are not reducible to "things," merely "useful" or "useless" to our relatives, to the economy, to the government, or even to ourselves.
Works of mercy can be directed not only toward the needs of the body, but the needs of the soul as well.
Centered on the Merciful Heart of Jesus, we are to let His merciful love flow through our hearts toward anyone in need whom we meet along life's way.
Jesus Christ sees the needs, sufferings, and sorrows of every heart. But in order to reach out and help them, He asks the members of His Body on earth - the Church - to be His hands, His feet, and His voice.
In your eagerness to change the world for Christ, you can easily miss the will of His Heavenly Father.