Divine Mercy

Father Donald Calloway, MIC, discusses his new book on the Blessed Virgin Mary's profound influence on the life and spirituality of St. Faustina.
It's not surprising that many young Catholics today are inspired by St. Faustina. (She was a non-conformist.)
Hey, that's not the finish line! That's just the starting gate!
He kept a diary in the hospital, and his last entry, on July 25, 1945, ended with "Bless my enemies, too, O Lord."
At first, it was the doctrine of the papacy that really stood in the way of me becoming Catholic.
His Apostolic letters are an exhortation to practice mercy.
Is the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy an example of morose, medieval spirituality? On the contrary!
At first, it just seemed like another sad news story. But curiously, the camera kept lingering back to the image of The Divine Mercy.

When you really understand your created dignity and supernatural destiny, it can keep you from wandering down many false and destructive pathways.

They don't mince words - about hell, about Satan, about the temptations of sex and substance abuse, about Christ's call to holiness, and the power of prayer.