Divine Mercy

A dashboard-mounted global positioning system continually marks their place on the map. The words "Jesus, I trust in You" continually marks their place in eternity.
When you've traveled more than 250,000 miles in nine years bringing Divine Mercy to the people of God, some signs can begin to sound prophetic.
Several questions come in about what we mean by the word "soul."
Meet the Digans, who experienced a miracle that led to the beatification of St. Faustina.
Overflow crowd experiences 'a piece of Heaven on Earth.'
Through St. Maria Faustina, Jesus shows us how to prepare for the day of justice.
Why was Jesus so insistent with St. Faustina regarding recommended reading?
You spend your entire life as a parent doing everything you can to raise your kids and protect them and keep them safe, and in one moment ...
He heard a call from Our Lady to build a Sanctuary of The Divine Mercy. Now its "jewel" will be unveiled.
Saint Faustina teaches us not only the meaning of sanctity, but tells us the three most important dispositions that we must have if we are to attain it.