Divine Mercy

'If They Would Only Give Me Some Return of Love' - In December 1673, Christ appeared to St. Margaret Mary. "He disclosed to me the marvels of His love and the unutterable secrets of His Sacred Heart," she said.
Find out what you need to do to sanctify each moment of your daily life, no matter how mundane.
Make Enemies into Brethren - The Church around the world continues to confront some of the worst persecution she's ever seen.
Blessed Hannah Chrzanowska and St. John Paul II - Blessed Hanna is the first person from St. John Paul II's close "circle of friends" to be beatified. Learn more about their friendship here.
'Hail, the Victorious Dead!' - Memorial Day, celebrated this year on May 28, calls us to pause and remember. That's not something we're good at.
Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Trinity - This Sunday, solve the mystery of the Holy Trinity as best your finite mind can grasp it.
'Where There is Darkness' - This documentary tells the story of a diocesan priest who forgave his own murderer from the grave.
Who was Bl. Hanna Chrzanowska - Learn more about this compassionate nurse and personal friend of St. John Paul II.
Finding Fruit that Satisfies - See what you need to do to receive the fruits of the Holy Spirit and experience the fullness of Divine Mercy.
Healing After Miscarriage - The time around Mother's Day can be difficult for women who have lost a baby. Here are words of comfort.