Patron Saints

Titular Patroness

The titular Patroness of the Congregation is the Immaculately Conceived Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, to whom we Marians show special veneration, filial love and devotion. She is our Queen and Lady, our very powerful Helper and most loving Mother.

We go through her to Jesus, invoke her frequently in prayerful pleas, run to her with the greatest confidence in all our needs, and imitate her virtues with all our strength.

The mystery of her Immaculate Conception is — and has been from the beginning of the Congregation — a particular sign, strength and joy of the Marian vocation. By this mystery, Mary urges us to trust in the unlimited fruitfulness of the work of redemption, to avoid all sin, even the slightest, to hold in highest esteem purity of heart, to imbue life fully with divine grace and charity, and to so strengthen the Church in unity "that it be holy and immaculate" (Eph 5:27).

Other Patrons

Next, we venerate, invoke and imitate in a special way: