This Lent, crack open an inspiring book from Marian Press

Read any good books lately? Marian Press has the answer. It's not too late to enhance your spiritual reading and deepen your experience of the love of God as we all journey to Easter, March 31, and Divine Mercy Sunday, April 7.

North American Sanctity: Blessed Maria Concepción Cabrera Arias de Armida

“It is of vital urgency to have a clear awareness of what the Cross of Christ means, of what it accomplishes in the mystery of the person," wrote Blessed Maria Concepción Cabrera Arias de Armida (feast day March 3), the first Mexican laywoman, wife, and mother to be beatified in the Catholic Church. 

'A Doctor of Peace': St. Gregory of Narek

Saint Gregory of Narek (feast day: Feb. 27) sought to identify with sinners in every age, and fervently interceded for us, trusting in God’s gracious mercy. Said Pope Francis, “He became ‘the intercessor of the whole world.’” 

North American Sanctity: Blessed Sebastián de Aparicio

Have you every heard of Blessed Sebastián de Aparicio (1502-1600)? He is the patron saint of travelers and hailed as the “Angel of Mexico.”  A handsome, smart, affluent man, he lived a life of ascetism and service to others. Later in life, he became a Franciscan friar. We celebrate his feast day on Feb. 25.

The War in Ukraine, Two Years Later

Two years ago, on Feb. 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. The war drags on, and ordinary folks continue to suffer. But the prayers and financial support of Marian Helpers have given hope to those caught in the crossfire.

It's not just a chair, but a teaching office

"The Catholic Church has a feast day to a chair?" you may ask. Yes, and we should remember to be grateful, particularly on the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter the Apostle on Feb. 22, for Christ's loving protection of His Church.

A life of heroic virtue: St. Peter Damian

He was a monk, cardinal, and Doctor of the Church. He confronted kings and clergy, lived a life of heroic virtue, and was a prolific writer for the Church. He is St. Peter Damian (feast day: Feb. 21), known for his Church reforms, diplomatic ability, holiness, and great theological mind. 

Resting with Jesus

"Father Thad has been teaching our community about poverty in religious life," says Brother Josh, "and for me, poverty is tied to peace, freedom, and simplicity. My mind feels tranquil when I have very little."