Why the Marians?

An interview with Msgr. Josefino S. Ramirez of the Philippines. Recognizing that the Marians have been official promoters of the Divine Mercy message since 1941, Msgr. Ramirez invited the Marians to have a physical presence in the Philippines to help spread the word.

Rising Above the Wreckage

At first, it just seemed like another sad news story. But curiously, the camera kept lingering back to the image of The Divine Mercy.

Preaching in the Pentagon

The Marians have taken over the celebration of weekday Mass inside the Pentagon, headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense.

Today's Lesson: 'The Greatest Truth'

They don't mince words - about hell, about Satan, about the temptations of sex and substance abuse, about Christ's call to holiness, and the power of prayer.

Divine Mercy Comes into View

A dashboard-mounted global positioning system continually marks their place on the map. The words "Jesus, I trust in You" continually marks their place in eternity.

All Signs Point to Mercy

When you've traveled more than 250,000 miles in nine years bringing Divine Mercy to the people of God, some signs can begin to sound prophetic.