"God is always present"

"I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am very thankful to our Marian Fathers Congregation, the Polish province and the American province, and our very generous donors. They understand the need very well. They understand that we are walking together along the road to victory."

End of the School Year!

"My first year in seminary is over," reports Br. Josh, MIC, "and I am enjoying a peaceful interlude before the next school year begins."

The Church's greatest need? Your prayers

"We may think that our prayers or sacrifices do not make much of a difference, but we would be in error," says Fr. Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC. "Jesus instructed St. Faustina that her prayers and sacrifices saved more souls than missionary priests through their preaching alone."

"Inspectio Cordis": Corpus Christi, June 2

A weekly web series by Fr. Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC, introduces us to the meditations for Corpus Christi by the Marian Founder. The goal is to allow Jesus to gaze into your heart and teach you self-examination, leading you to a more fruitful reception of Holy Communion at Sunday Mass, where there is a true encounter of our hearts with His Sacred Heart – especially fitting during this period of National Eucharistic Revival.

Our Founder on the Feast of the Visitation, May 31

According to the Marian Founder, St. Stanislaus Papczynski, Mary, the Mother of God, gives us an example at the Visitation (feast day: May 31) of how we ought to strive for perfection. 

My First Marathon!

The day of the marathon has finally arrived for Br. Josh, MIC. It begins at 4:30 in the morning.

Who Was St. Philip Neri?

Class is in session with St. Philip Neri, whose feast is celebrated on May 26 (superceded this year by Trinity Sunday). The lesson today: Stay focused.

The Father of English History: St. Bede the Venerable

Historians and scholars around the world are indebted to the work of their patron saint: St. Bede the Venerable, priest and Doctor of the Church (feast day: May 25) and one of the most prolific and influential Catholic writers of the Middle Ages.

Running and Penance

“Praying and sacrificing so much without fruit is discouraging," Br. Josh, MIC, complains to God. Then God gives him the answer.

North American Sanctity: The Mexican Martyrs

The six Mexican Martyrs (feast day, May 21), canonized by Pope St. John Paul II on this day in 2000, were all priests and members of the Knights of Columbus, killed during the persecution of the faithful in the Mexican Cristero War in the 1920’s.