Gratitude for Bl. George

The feast day comes amidst a year of thanksgiving that began Dec. 8, for the 100th anniversary of the renewal and reform of the Marians that Bl. George led.

'Operation Pancake'

When hope is flat as a pancake and the mixing bowl of life runs out of batter, what does one do?

To Remember Little Lives

"It will be a memorial shrine dedicated to all deceased children," explained Fr. Anthony.

A 'Hunch' About the Holy Father

Pope Benedict's Divine Mercy Mandate, which was just released by Marian Press, had its beginning as a hunch.

A Different Message of Hope

Several Marians and friends were on hand for the 35th annual March for Life. And none of us felt discouraged.

She Wrote the Book of 'Life'

Meet a stay-at-home-mom with a "crazy" idea that she could change lives. The idea has worked!

'A Soldier for Christ'

On the eve of the Baptism of the Lord, Jan. 10, surrounded by family, friends, and fellow Marians, Br. Andy Davy, MIC, was ordained a deacon.

'Two Miracles!'

They came to the National Shrine as leaf peepers and left with much, much more.

'Mary Had a Hand on Me'

"Mary brings people to Jesus, and that's what she did for me," says Br. Richard Dolan, MIC, who professed his first vows on Aug. 15, 2008.

A Church on the Chopping Block

Saint Stan's is more than a footnote in the Divine Mercy movement. What role did it play?

God's Work Ethic

When it comes to Marian "mission control" in the Philippines, one lay ministry was crucial for establishing successful lift-off.