Holy Mass Planned for Marian Founder

The prayerful appreciation is for the beatification one year ago this month of the founder of the Marians of the Immaculate Conception, Bl. Stanislaus Papczynski (1631-1701).

How Divine Mercy Flooded My Soul

My marriage was in serious trouble, and I felt like a failure in so many areas in my life.

What Do You Want Me to Do, Lord?

In many situations, the possibilities for action seem endless. Usually, we can choose only one course of action, though. How do we know which choice is aligned to "God's will" for our lives?

Mary's Queenship 'Our Joy'

From near and far - from just down the road in Stockbridge and all the way from India - pilgrims paid homage to the Blessed Mother's crowning as Queen of Heaven.

Petal Power

Read an excerpt from Fr. Donald Calloway's new book!

Kansas City's Striking New 'Image'

As his budget would dictate, he had the choice between commissioning a 25-feet-tall, 4-ton statue of The Divine Mercy or an in-ground swimming pool.

The Sons of Deacons

Two Marian seminarians who will profess final vows Aug. 16 have a lot in common.

The Top 10 Names of Mary

Of all her titles, which do you think is the definitive title of Our Lady?