The Day I Hungered in a Hospital Chapel

I said a prayer the night before and the day of surgery asking our Lord to remember my promise and that I needed Him to provide me with Holy Communion.

Designs on God

Do what you love and the rest will follow. That is how God works in us, and I thank him for it.

A Prayer for Veterans

Veterans Day fell on the feast day of a conscientious objector. But the virtues he held are similar to those held by our nation's servicemen and servicewomen.

The Marians Bury a Brother

There is nothing as strong or as certain as a Marian funeral.

After the Election, a New Call to Prayer

I believe that we need to cling to Our Lady, to trust in her Son more strongly now than ever, and pray for our new president.

'Imitating the Saints'

If giving up one's children to the service of God is not a sacrifice, then what is it?

'Mighty Marians' Touch all the Bases

We conjure a delightful Marian moment that will not rate mention in any sports almanac or spiritual journals. Yet it sets records for what it tells us about a beautiful band of brothers.

'Closer to God'

The Munozes find a piece of mercy in the 'peace of mercy' on Eden Hill.