Happy Easter! Go forth in holiness!

Happy Easter! The knowledge that the Father wants to raise each of us up with Christ gives us great cause for rejoicing, but it doesn't give us a magic wand. We have to respond.

A week to pray for enemies, as well as friends

It’s Holy Week. Good Friday looms. And we’re caught in the same maelstrom of history we’ve been in for some time now, with huge headlines every single day, it seems. It’s a good time to remember how Jesus shows us the purpose of our life as Christians — not in worldly pursuit of power, revenge, or wealth, but in self-sacrificing love for God and neighbor. 

The Holy Week 'Hinge': the Pascal Triduum

What is the Paschal Triduum, April 6, 7, and 8, and what does it mean? Brother Stephen J., MIC, explains that to participate in the Church’s full celebration of the Paschal Mystery is one of the best ways to celebrate Easter.

'A Huge Hug from Heaven'

Michelle has always known that God, Our Lady, and the Communion of Saints watch over her and her loved ones, but the discovery of the envelope was “an incredible gift” from “Mom or God or both” that reminded her that she is never alone. 

Bookends of the Spiritual Life: Palm Sunday and Good Friday

Palm Sunday, April 2, and Good Friday, April 7, are bookends of the spiritual life in a lot of ways. Let us welcome our King, the Son of David, with hosannas. Let us lay our palms beneath the feet of His mount, and never forget that the palm is an ancient symbol of martyrdom.

On the Annunciation, let Mary be your guide

Do you have trust issues with God? On March 25, let Mary be your guide. The Solemnity of the Annunciation can teach you how to place your expectant trust in Him. 

Defender of Families: Saint Joseph

Chosen by God from all eternity to be the head of the Holy Family, we can trust St. Joseph (Solemnity: Mar. 20) as a worthy advocate for our prayer intentions for our families.

‘The Word of God abides’: St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Doctor of the Church

He is author of the earliest recorded systematic teachings of the Catholic faith. He suffered persecution and banishment for adherence to the truths of the faith. Ultimately, he was declared a Doctor of the Church for his exemplary writings explaining the tenets of the faith. He is St. Cyril of Jerusalem (315-386 A.D.). whose feast we celebrate on March 18.

Turning Enemies into Brethren: St. Patrick

Why not make this your best Lent ever? To do that, maybe it’s time to try something new that will deepen your faith and be a catalyst for growth in holiness. Let St. Patrick be your guide, on his feast day.