The Theologian: St. Gregory of Nazianzus

Acclaimed “The Theologian,” St. Gregory of Nazianzus (feast day: Jan. 2) is remembered for defending Church teaching and leaving to the Church hundreds of his religious poems and letters. 

From Women's March to March for Life

As we anticipate the annual March for Life on Jan. 19, consider one woman's transition from pro-abortion activist to pro-life champion, demonstrating the influence of accurate, scientifically-based information, the contagious joy of the pro-life movement, and the power of prayer.

Our Lady and Praying for Peace

Amidst these escalating struggles, our Blessed Mother cries out in the world for peace … but the world is not listening. She speaks to us especially on Jan. 1, the Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God and the World Day of Peace.

Three Marian brothers reach “the last step”: Perpetual Profession

The perpetual profession of vows, also known as making final vows, is the final stage in joining a religious congregation. Three Marian brothers have now taken that "last step": Br. Ryan Asensio, MIC; Br. Patrick Lynch, MIC; and Br. Alexander Pumphrey, MIC.

Celebrating Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

The Feast of the Holy Family on Dec. 31 is a celebration of the ordinary life of extraordinary people, of the three most holy human beings to ever walk the earth. It marks the source and summit of our Catholic faith, and the earthly icon of the Trinity in Heaven.

The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Brother Josh, MIC, witnesses two Marian brothers profess Final Vows, which he calls "the point of no return in self-gift to God. This was the fulfillment of what we Marians seek."

"The Vision of St. Stephen"

To celebrate the feast day of St. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, on Dec. 26, his namesake, Br. Stephen J., MIC, composed an epic poem.

'With God’s help you will find time to do it all': St. Peter Canisius

Saint Peter Canisius, Doctor of the Church (feast day: Dec. 21), travelled more than 20,000 miles on horseback during his years of ministry and essentially renewed the Catholic faith in Germany. When he was once criticized for doing too much, he responded, “If you have too much to do, with God’s help you will find time to do it all.” 

'O Antiphons' intensify preparation for Christmas 

The ancient tradition of singing the “O Antiphons” during the Liturgy of the Hours and in place of the Alleluia verse at Mass begins on Dec. 17 and continues through Dec. 23. Each O Antiphon combines a laudatory invocation of the expected Messiah with a petition for His coming as Savior on Christmas Day.