Empty Tomb = Heaven in a Tabernacle

In the first of a new series, Chris Sparks reflects on his recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land where, he discovers, "The reason why anyone visits the Holy Sepulcher at all is that it’s empty."

In the Mule-Steps of St. Damien of Moloka’i

On his feast day, May 10, recalling the Belgian priest's extraordinary 16-year ministry to the victims of Hansen’s disease (leprosy) in the untamed wilderness of a remote Hawaiian island.

God save the King?

We fought a war to be free of the British monarchy. And yet, as Charles III is crowned king of the United Kingdom, it may well be our duty as Catholics to offer a prayer for the man and his reign.

A Conversion: Part 2

“The unity of the Church was the most pressing intellectual question that ultimately led me to become Catholic." Novice Mac told Novice Josh.

With St. Joseph, let's get to work!

May 1, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, provides a perfect opportunity to re-examine the degree to which we infuse our daily tasks with dignity, using St. Joseph as our model.