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Marian seminarian Br. Mike has a special message for our Marian Helpers.
Marian seminarian Br. Juan has a special message for our Marian Helpers.
Marian seminarian Br. Jeff has a special message for our Marian Helpers.

Father Michael Baker, MIC, is the newest Marian to be ordained a priest. A woman who inspired him in his vocation is one whom many of us know and love.

He asked the Blessed Virgin Mary for a sign if he should join the Marian Fathers. She more than delivered in a most peculiar way. Read the vocation story of Br. Michael, MIC.

Drawn to the Marian Fathers' love for Mary Immaculate, devotion to the souls in Purgatory, and mission of promoting Divine Mercy, Matthew Holladay took the final step in his long vocational journey.

Brother Stephen, MIC, was unsure about his vocation. Then he consecrated himself to the Blessed Virgin Mary using Fr. Michael Gaitley's book 33 Days to Morning Glory. The result? He received a call almost too good to be true.
Brother David, MIC, made his faith his own as a teenager when he started going to Mass by himself. Find out what led him to discern the priesthood, join the Marian Fathers, and come to understand the importance the grace of the Immaculate Conception.

On a summer day, before entering freshman year of high school, Matt Holladay of Louisville, Kentucky, was praying the Rosary in his room when he heard a supernatural voice in his heart encouraging him to become a priest. God willing,
this upcoming summer Deacon Matt Holladay, MIC, will be ordained a priest. Read about his journey.

We have more than 30 seminarians studying for the priesthood. They need your prayers and financial support to continue their studies. Father Allen Alexander, MIC, shares about how the priesthood is a gift for thousands of souls.