Learn from the Marian Fathers’ Founder as Never Before

By Chris Sparks

Ten years in the making, involving the work of Marian Fathers old, new, and in formation, the book Saint Stanislaus Papczyński: Selected Writings is finally available.

A rich spiritual treasury, this new volume makes available in a modern English translation the majority of the known works of St. Stanislaus of Jesus and Mary Papczyński (1631-1701), the Founder of the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception and one of the outstanding figures in Polish Catholic history and culture.

During the month of September, the Marians mark two milestones in St. Stanislaus' life: the anniversary of his beatification, Sept. 16, 2007, and the anniversary of his death, Sept. 17, 1701.

Invaluable resource
A major work of faith and devotion, this tremendous resource will allow you to share in St. Stanislaus’ love of God, the Church, and his neighbors.

All Marian Fathers and Marian Helpers will benefit from serious study of this invaluable resource for all students of the saints, published in the heart of the 350th anniversary of the founding of the Marian Fathers.

And it’s all thanks to Br. Andrew Maczynski, MIC. “Like with any project, you know, in order to fly and have hope for success, you should be passionate about it. If you're not passionate about it, it's just like another job,” Br. Andrew explained. 

"Growing up" with the Founder
Growing up in a parish under the stewardship of the Marian Fathers in Poland, he was exposed to the life and spirituality of Father Founder early on.

“The preschool was teaching us CCD back then,” showing slides with a projector against the wall of Fr. Stanislaus’ life in pictures, he recalled. Those slides have since been gathered together and published by the Marian Heritage imprint. “That's how I learned, first of all, of Father Founder, his life and his achievement: through those images.” 

Young Andrew Maczynski went on to serve as an altar boy in his parish, and his mother would sing in the parish choir. “I had many opportunities to be exposed, not only to his biography, but also to the place where he was buried, Gora Kalwaria. So ever since those days, he became one of my favorite saintly figures. I was praying to him and through his intercession, and had many, many opportunities to visit his tomb way before I joined the Marians.”

Unusually difficult cause
Brother Andrew has had around 50 years knowing and loving St. Stanislaus, he estimates, and roughly 40 years as a member of the Congregation of Marian Fathers. A portion of that time has been dedicated to serving as vice-postulator for Father Founder’s cause for canonization. 

Due to the Russian oppression of the 18th and 19th centuries that resulted in the near death of the Marian Fathers’ congregation, as well as the subsequent world wars and Cold War, that process was made unusually difficult. 

“Everything was dispersed,” said Br. Andrew. “Everything was destroyed, you know, stolen by Russians. Our history, unfortunately, is such a sad one that we have to really pick up so many bits and pieces. But God helped us in the last quarter of 20th century. We were able to find so many things that many generations of the Marians before us didn't even know existed. All our monasteries were destroyed, libraries were confiscated. That's why it’s so special for our generation to get that book of his writings, all in one.”

But ultimately, Father Founder was beatified on Sept. 16, 2007, and canonized during the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy on June 5, 2016.

Labor of love and faith
The present volume is the fruit of the dedicated research, especially by the late Fr. Casimir Krzyżanowski, MIC, and other contributions of time, talent, and treasure from a number of Marian Fathers, men in formation, and you, our Marian Helpers.

“Much of the funding for this project was given by a private foundation that has invested in the education of Marian seminarians for a number of years,” explained Ellen Miller, one of Fr. Joseph’s assistants. The foundation, which wishes to remain anonymous, requests your prayers. “Present-day seminarians as well as future generations of seminarians will now have access to the treasures of Father Founder’s works.” 

So will the Marian Helpers and the entire rest of the Catholic faithful.

“Also, Father Founder in his testament promised God’s blessing to all of those who are going to support his little Congregation. Very significant words,” said Br. Andrew, so the new volume “is one more very significant way to share our spirituality with our extended family, to whom our Founder promised such heavenly reward.”

Saint Stanislaus, pray for us!


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