How Mary Immaculate Helps Us

A Meditation as a Preparation for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.M.
December 8, 2014

When Bernadette Soubarous was told by her pastor to "ask the Lady what her name is" Bernadette was obedient and did so. The Lady told her "I am the Immaculate Conception." It was in the language of the Lourdes area. When Bernadette told the pastor the Lady's response he was surprised and asked Bernadette did she know what that meant, she said no. The dogma had just recently been defined and its meaning was not that clear for the more educated. The priest realized it was a "heavenly visitor" who spoke this name. A child with little formal education could not know this of herself.

The fact that Our Lady gave her name as - "I am the Immaculate Conception" indicates the real deep meaning of who she is in her essence - the one who was conceived from the first moment of her being in the womb of St. Ann as one without Original Sin - that sin which was the cause of humankind's alienation from God, that sin which has tainted persons born with the singular inclination to be inordinate in self will - the same attitude of Lucifer who stated "I will not serve" because he could not get himself to worship, revere or honor the "only begotten Son of God who became man." This pride of Satan is what even in this age causes many to reject Jesus as the Son of God, known as the Incarnate One.

Mary, from the first moment of her conception [which, by the way, is the surest argument of the conception of ever human being, at the first moment of conception, as being fully a person] was conceived without sin, thus never rebellious; never inordinately self willed always one with God's holy and righteous will.

In our Novena in preparation for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception we find titles intensely expressive of the age-old truths of Mary's salutary blessedness, her role as cooperator in God's plan of salvation of humankind. She is addressed in the symbols of the Old Testament which prefigured her as fully graced - so she is called: ark of Noah, Jacob's ladder, Burning Bush, impregnable tower, Garden enclosed, Resplendent city of God, ark of holiness, Tabernacle created by God Himself - formed by the Holy Spirit. In these images Mary is perceived as the way God remains constantly involved with the human race, saving the people He always desires to call His own, even when we turn from Him because of our pride, our self centered conviction that we hold control over all of our lives, over all creation.

Then there are the tiles which help us see the effulgence of Mary, the brilliance which can be in all our lives if we live as she did and does for God alone – lily among thorns, plant of grace always blossoming, rose ever blooming, fountain ever clear, Flawless and brightest one, most beautiful paradise of innocence, most beautiful and fair by nature, more beautiful than beauty, more lovely than loveliness, more holy than holiness, ever immaculate and blessed. All these and more lift our minds, hearts and wills in joys beyond all joys for we can cry out in our very lives - "Thou art all fair, O Mary, and the original stain is not in thee. Thou art the glory of Jerusalem; Thou art the joy of Israel. Thou art the honor of our people. Thou art the advocate of sinners. O Mary, O Mary, Virgin most Prudent, Mother most tender. Pray for us, Intercede for us with Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

Mary help of all Christians, Mary help of all who recognize you as God's special one. Pray for us!