Answered Prayers!

Since its founding in 1995, the Marians' Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayerline has served more than 1.5 million people who have sought comfort and healing through prayer.

Headquartered at the Marian Helpers Center here in Stockbridge, Mass., home of the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy, the Prayerline receives calls, e-mails, and letters from people all around the world telling us how their prayers had been answered, whether they were everyday needs or matters of life-and-death.

The following is one in an occasional series that shares recent correspondence from people who have turned to the Prayerline:

"Miracles abound! V. agreed to receive anointing/absolution last night and received Eucharist for the first time in over 30 years today. He is feeling better. No fevers ... and may come home from the hospital tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers. Praise God!"
Joann, email

"I requested your prayers for getting the green card from the US GOVT for my son-in-law. I am happy to tell you that the LORD has answered your prayers and I thank the Lord and you for praying and giving support. My son-in-law has been granted 140 status. This is the status prior to sanctioning the green card. At this stage it is difficult to get this and so it is a miracle. Requesting your continued prayers for the green card and thanking you once again."
- J., email

"I am glad to inform you about wonderful news. Praise God! I have successfully cleared the group discussion round and have been selected for the post at the airport. Thanks for your prayers."
- Lloyd, email

"I would like to thank you for all prayers. I took my Canadian Registered Safety Professional exam on Oct. 4 and asked for your prayers numerous times. I just got the result, and I am so grateful in His Divine Mercy, and I'm thankful to all of you for your prayers. May GOD bless you always."
- Analyn, email

Dorothy called thanking us for our prayers. She had no blood clot in her leg, and her son found a job. Praise God!

Jessica had asked for prayers to find an apartment that would allow her to keep her dog. She called back to say she found the apartment she needed. Praise God!

"Dear Marians of the Immaculate Conception:
I want to give you good news, and thank God and Mary and you for your prayers, because this petition was answered. Baby Sophía, 11 months old and with a cyst in her brain, had a successful surgery and is recovering in excellent conditions to celebrate her first birthday.
Thank God, Mary, and you for your prayers."
- M.R., email

Susan called the Prayerline when her doctor told her he suspected that she had multiple sclerosis. She called back to say all tests were negative. Praise God!

Kay asked for prayers for her son who was going before a judge for a disability hearing. He was granted disability. Thank you, Lord.

"Praise God from whom all blessings flow. We just heard from John G's family. His brain surgeon expected to find one, if not two, brain tumors today, but instead found NONE. Another miracle due to our prayers."
- Pat, email

A woman called to say her daughter, Alicia, passed all her court reporting tests. Praise God!

Leila called to thank us for praying for her to be able to stop smoking. She no longer has any urge to smoke. Thank the Lord!

A woman called asking for prayers for her daughter who was in a custody battle with her ex-husband. She called back to say the court case was completed and she retained custody of her daughters. Praise God!

Marie (82-years old) called and told us, "I offered all my sufferings up to our Lord and am now pain free. I love The Divine Mercy with all my heart. Thank you Divine Mercy Prayerline and thank God for blessings received."

Mary called to thank us for praying for her husband, James. The surgery was a success, and he is recovering nicely. Praise God!

"Thanks for your prayers for Maria. Her X-ray was perfect!"
- Paul, email

A woman had called asking prayers for her granddaughter, Lori, who was
in desperate need of employment. She called back to say Lori found
a job and will start Monday. Praise God!

A woman called asking prayers for her neighbor, Diane, who had been missing for four days. She called back to say she heard from Diane who was on her way home. Thank you Lord!

A man called asking prayers for his daughter, Evelyn, who he had not heard from for 47 days. Every attempt to reach her failed. He called back to say, after leaving the prayer request with the intercessor, he received a call from Evelyn and they were reconciled. Thank God!

A woman called to thank us for praying for her neighbor, Rosemary, a young mother who suffered a stroke and was paralyzed on one side of her body. Rosemary is out of the hospital, after one week, and walked to her neighbor's house to thank her for her prayers.
Praise God!

"Hello. Thank you so much for your prayers for my wife, Denise! Praise God ... the test came back benign ... we still have more procedures to go, but this is huge! Thank you so much again!"
-Paul, email

"Remember a while back I asked you guys to please pray for a newer van for Brad and I? Well, out of the blue last month, I received a letter from Medicaid
asking me what I needed for Brad. And not really thinking that they would, I
said a van, a standing frame or a laptop computer to help him w/school. Well
about a week later they contacted me again and offered us $20,000 towards a
van! Can you believe it? After meeting their criteria, etc. Brad and I received the new van last Thursday! Praise God! This van starts w/a key! Remember my old van started with a screwdriver? It has air conditioning, power windows, locks, a radio, and carpeting (my old van didn't have any, and when I would make a turn, Brad would sometimes slide a little ... we would called this x-games). It has blinkers (no more rolling down the window in winter to make a signal), headlights that aren't dangling, and best of all, a ramp that folds out when the side door opens up. Brad can just roll right on in, no more pushing up and over to get him in. PRAISE GOD! What an awesome God we serve! Once again He has provided for us something we could never have done for ourselves and didn't deserve or earn. Take care and God Bless You guys."
-Delsa, email

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